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  • Student Assessment

  • Personality Profile Evaluation

  • Advanced Search Of Careers, Majors & Studies Based On Specific Student Interests

  • Innovative College Search Based On Demographics & Personalized Areas Of Importance

  • Personalized Private Student by a college counselor

  • Essay support from developing talking points, rough drafts, final  edits and submission of all required essays  

  • Written Report Will Be Provided To The Parent & Advisor Along With A Summary Of The Interview & Recommendations For The Student

  • Student will have access to a 20 week SAT/ACT  correspondence based test prep program by Method Test Prep, the nation’s leader in online test prep

  • Access to our career and majors planning software that has a personality profile test, learning skills test, scholarship search and much, much more


  • Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

  • Provide Planning Recommendations To Reduce EFC

  • Provide Financial Aid Award Estimates For An Unlimited Number of Schools, & Recommend Additional Schools To Be Considered

  • Provide Recommendations For The Best Way To Pay Your Share Of College Costs

  • Provide Tax-Efficient Borrowing Strategies To Help Keep Financial Goals In Line, Along With Cash Flow Strategies for College Years & Beyond

  • Provide Complete Financial Overview On College, Taxes, Cash Flow, Retirement &  Develop A Plan To Improve Each Area

  • Provide Strategies That Legally Protect Your Savings & Retirement Accounts From The Financial Aid Formulas

  • Provide Strategies On How To Possibly Use Your Home Equity So That It Helps, Rather Than Hurts, In The Financial Aid Formulas

  • Provide Proprietary Tax Scholarship Information



  • College Planning Checklist With All Timelines & Deadlines That Is Updated Electronically & E-Mailed Every Time Something Is Completed &/Or Missing

  • Free Bonus – Complete Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Register Your Student For The CSS PROFILE

  • Complete CSS PROFILE & Walk Families Through  All Supporting Documentation

  • Complete Any Additional Forms Required By The Individual Schools

  • Confirm The Accuracy Of The Student Aid Report (SAR)

  • Make Any Necessary Adjustments To The SAR

  • Advise and Counsel on Stafford and PLUS Loan Applications

  • Provide Protection From Being Overlooked For Grants, Scholarships Or Loans Due To Mistakes In Your Financial Aid Forms


  • Spreadsheet Up To 3 Award Letters And Professionally Evaluate If Your Offer Was Fair

  • Provide Tested Appeal Letters If You Were Under-Awarded


  • Provide Easy-To-Use Parent & Student Manuals

  • Automatic E-Mails Submitted Monthly To Both Parents & Students On What They Need To Be Doing That Month To Maximize Their College Admissions And Financial Aid Results

  • Personalized  Financial Aid FAQ Page

  • Interactive Online Page For Each Parent / Student

  • Provide Parent / Student Feedback On Specific Colleges

  • Unlimited Support For Parents & Students

  • Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “Student Handbook For Success”

  • Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook”

  • A One-Stop Shop to Always Have Your Questions Answered With Personalized Contact

  • Provide “Peace of Mind”

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